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Ceiling Water Damage Repair

What can be worse than water damaged walls? Well, water damaged ceiling. While you can somewhat hide the damage water has made to the walls by placing a cabinet or a mirror, mold on the ceiling can’t be masked and not only that it looks bad – it also causes structural damage to the ceiling and puts your whole household at risk.

Ceiling leakage repair can be hard to do if you’re not experienced enough. This is why it’s always recommended to call a professional that deals with these type of issues, so that you can be safe and return to your normal daily activities.

In this article, we’ll talk more about ceiling water damage repair and how you can fix the problem water has made to your ceiling. We will see how such damage happens, what can you do to prevent it and in case it has already happened, what can you do to minimise the danger and make your ceiling as good as new.

How to Fix a Water Damaged on Ceiling?

You might be wondering: “Does the ceiling need to be replaced after water damage?”, and while it might seem like the most obvious choice, we assure you that it doesn’t have to be that way. True, water damage can be a hard foe to deal with, but if you follow steps listed below, your ceiling might be savable.

Identify the Source of the Issue

First thing first – you need to identify the source of the damage. It might be a burst pipe, old installations or a broken roof. In any case, the source needs to be identified so that you can deal with the problem of water damaged ceiling more efficiently.

After identifying the source of the issue, you can look at the problem from different perspectives and find the best solution.

Remove Damaged Ceiling

In most cases, only one part of the ceiling will be damaged. In rare occasions, a whole ceiling will need a replacement but such cases require a touch of professional hand and require a lot more work.

Remove damaged ceiling with the help of equipment such as a hammer or a shovel. Ceiling water damage repair cost shouldn’t be on your mind right now, as you need to focus on repairing it and returning to your normal household activities.

Also, don’t try to cover the damage with paint. The damage has been done and right now, the ceiling isn’t salvageable. Your only chance to repair it is to remove the infected, most damaged part.

Repair the Damage

After the removal, you need to repair the ceiling. Or, in other words, you need to go inside the hole you just made, remove any water residue (this is often called crawl space water removal) and place the new part of the ceiling instead of the removed one.

What Causes Ceiling Water Damage Leaks?

There are many different reasons why a ceiling might become damaged from water. Plumbing leaks are the main culprit, but roof leaks are also quite common. But, how can you know that your ceiling is infected?

Signs of Ceiling Water Damage?

Mold is a certain indicator of ceiling water damage. Same as water spots. Also, if you see that the walls are also damaged and you did drywall water damage repair, you might want to check your ceiling as well. Sagging ceiling is another clear clue that ceiling water damage repair has to take place. 

Water Leak

If the source of water damage is a burst pipe, you’ll surely notice a water leak. Eventually, your ceiling will show moldy spots and at that point, a complete remont is necessary – together with fixing the pipe.

Sagging Ceiling

When water damages the ceiling, it will become what we call a “sagging ceiling” and “hang”. This is easily noticeable as the ceiling won’t be even and this means that it’s time to do a ceiling leakage repair.

Water Spots

Yellowish brown spots are a clear sign that water has affected your ceiling. Ceiling water damage repair will have to be your next step.

Peeling Paint or Cracked Plaster

If you notice peeling or cracked paint, you might want to check if there is moisture in your ceiling. If that’s the case, you should be warned that moldy spots are the next step and you should act accordingly.

Who to Call for Ceiling Water Damage Repairs?

Dealing with ceiling water damage is something you can do on your own, but only if you have proper equipment and knowledge. If not, professional services such as NYC water removal are here to help you out.

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