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Floods can impact your household like no other disaster. What if we told you that floods are more common in the US than storms or tornadoes? It might not seem like it, but floods are fairly common.

And if flooding does happen to you, it’s important that you know what to do in order to save as much as possible from your household, and to return it to a pre-flooded state. Flood restoration and repair services are the key here, and if you hire a professional flood repair contractor, you don’t have to worry about them doing the right job.

Therefore, the main subject of this article will be the process of flood restoration and repair. We will cover what are the different steps in this process, how you can repair flood damage, and why you should hire a professional flood restoration service company.

Flood Restoration – Stay Safe

If you notice that your basement or other part of your household is getting flooded, the most important thing is to stay safe and call a professional flood repair contractor. Safety is your number one priority when dealing with floods, and everything else comes afterwards. You should focus on:

  • Inspect for structural damages
  • Turn off electricity and gas
  • Wear appropriate equipment (rubber gloves and shoes, and wear some kind of goggles)
  • Be wary of vermin and insects
  • If you see mold, wear a respirator that can filter spores
  • Don’t go inside standing water if you don’t have to

These are all things that you can do on your own. It’s important that you follow them as floods can be very dangerous. We mentioned storms and tornadoes – keep in mind that more people die from floods than any other natural disaster in the US. 

How to Repair Flood Damage?

After you notice the flood, you will have to begin with flood water removal as a first step, and flood damage repair afterwards. Surely there will be some damage, and in the next part of the article we’ll cover what to do in case of damage and why you should call flood restoration service.

Flood Restoration and Food

The flood can cause many problems with the pipes in your household, and the food that you store. Water might not be safe for consumption and even washing yourselves with, so you need to purify it. On the other hand, food in metal cans is alright as long as you remove the stickers and sanitize the cans – but if the flood affected food that is not canned, you should throw it out.

Flood Repair: Walls

Walls are another part of your household that will surely get damaged from the flood. A very disliked tip, but a very helpful one is to open flooded walls, even if they appear damaged to prevent mold and structural decay. This is important if you want to avoid additional costs and procedures such as drywall repair in the future. 

Flood Restoration and Repair: Carpets and Furniture

When you commence with flood cleanup, you will notice that many things inside the room/basement will be damaged  – such as carpets, bedding and furniture. All of it will surely get wet and prone to mold. This is why you need to take them outside to be dried, sanitized or discarded.

How Can NYC Water Removal Help?

Professional flood repair services are a way to go if you want to deal with flooding in a proper manner. The process of flood restoration is long and difficult and companies such as NYC Water Removal are here for you.

Upon initial contact, we will dispatch our team to your location and start with the flood restoration and repair process straight away. We will provide detailed assessment of the issue, plan extraction and repair activities, and keep you informed in every step of the process.


How Can Flood Damage Be Reduced?

The damage the flood has caused depends from one case to another. If you want to reduce the damage flood made, empty the affected premises and call a flood repair contractor.

What Constitutes as Flood Damage?

There isn’t a set definition on what constitutes flood damage. Generally speaking, after you notice flooding, everything that has been affected by the flood falls under the damaged by flood category.

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Our Reviews

Brian Baker

Incredible customer service. We discovered mold in our home and reached out to this company for mold remediation. Professional from start to finish. From the phone call, email confirmations, communications, and the professionalism of the two individuals who came out to the house- all of it was top notch.

Ligia Rost

We had such a great experience with the manager(name forgotten). He really took such great care of us, coming over to the house before and during the remediation project, and making sure that he addressed all of our concerns. It was a relief to know that someone who cared that much was involved in our mold remediation project. I can highly recommend these guys, knowing that if there is anything else that shows up he will be right there to make sure that it all goes right!

Jordan White

We had an unexpected water issue cause some damage to our home and within minutes I had NYC Water Removal inspecting the damage and arranging for mitigation. They’re efficiency and professionalism were impressive and they coordinated all aspects of the project with our insurance adjuster so smoothly. We’d absolutely recommend NYC Water Removal for any future project! Thank you!

Michael Kroonenberg

I had a couple of separate water incursion issues into the basement of my home. One was a slow leak from the main kitchen sink that caused damage to the ceiling of the basement bedroom below. The other was a small leak through the foundation during heavy rains, resulting from grade issues at the exterior of my house. I obtained a few quotes and from the onset, the crew from NYC Water Removal… was very professional and thorough with his inspection and quote, so I decided to go with NYC Water Removal… and I am very pleased that I did.

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