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Mold is considered to be the most common issue water can make in your household. Even though you might think that having a flooded basement is a bigger problem than having mold, you would be amazed to know what kind of damage mold can do to your walls and ceilings.

Not only does mold damage the structural part of your household, it also spreads extremely fast, has a certain smell to it and is very hard to remove. Because of this, it’s important that upon first notice of moldy patches on your walls/ceiling, you act accordingly and stop it from spreading.

There is no best way to kill mold that has been widely accepted. Every single case is unique and although there are several mold removal techniques you can use, it’s always better to consult a mold removal company for their input. 

In this article, we’ll see what mold is, why you need to remove it and how mold cleaning services work to ensure that this nasty bacteria is out of your household.

What is Mold Removal?

Mold removal is a process where an individual or a mold removal company extracts mold from the damaged area in the household, and ensures that it doesn’t return. In the process, different techniques and tools are used, both of which are proven to work against mold.

Do you Really need Mold Removal?

If you notice that mold affected your household, then absolutely yes, you really need mold removal. Prolonging the removal can lead to many issues, not only related to your household. Many people can get sick from mold, especially the older ones. Professional mold removal company can remove the mold for you, following a well designed process.

How do Mold Cleaning Services Work?

Before initiating the mold removal process, first mold inspection has to be done. This is done so that the mold specialist can see the size of the affected area and provide mold removal cost to you. 

After the initial mold inspection, mold removal can commence. Some of the most important steps are:

  • Attain proper safety equipment
  • Seal off the damage area
  • Moisten and bag moldy materials
  • Cleanup and repair
  • Scrub Moldy Surfaces With Mold Cleaner
  • Seal Moldy Areas afer they dry

Mold Removal vs. Mold Remediation

100 – For someone who isn’t knowledgable on mold, these two terms might look completely identical – and most mold specialists say that they are. 

Many restoration companies use the term ‘mold removal’ because it is what many homeowners can best relate with and find easily recognizable. However mold remediation is a bigger term that involves mold removal in it, while mold removal is a lesser term that focuses on just removing the mold. 

If you still aren’t sure what exact process you need for your mold problem, contact a professional mold removal company such as NYC Water Removal to get a proper assessment.


Can You Remove Mold Yourself?

Yes you can, but it’s always better to call one of professional mold cleaning services – for safety reasons.

What Kills Mold Instantly?

There are many chemicals that have an instant effect on mold, such as the ones with bleach. Professional mold removal companies have them in their arsenal, and regularly use them in the mold removal proces.

Can I Remove Black Mold Myself?

Yes you can, but it’s always advised that a professional does it for you.

Is Bleach or Vinegar Better to Kill Mold?

Many say that vinegar is better for killing mold than bleach, and most mold cleaning services agre on this. 

Can Mold Come Back After Remediation?

It is possible that mold comes back after remediation, but only if you fail to find the resource of moisture that is developing the mold issue.

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Our Reviews

Christopher Haar

Very happy with the work today. Had lots of black mold around windows in our condo that we recently moved to, likely from years of moisture/ condensation. Received an accurate estimate. Work was done carefully. All staff were very friendly- right from the time of booking all the way to the work being complete

Brandon Mullen

Mold was discovered on the inside wall of a basement bedroom that was adjoining a bathroom. It turned out that the shower unit in the bathroom had been slowly leaking for years. We contracted NYC Water Removal… to remove all contaminated drywall in the bedroom and to gut the bathroom. Crews were professional, clean, efficient and quiet (as I work from home).

Marcos Holder

We used NYC Water Removal Services for some mold remediation. A team of 2 came out, led by a man(named forgotten). He and his partner were fantastic, let us know what they were doing, let us view the work while they progressed, and left the entire area very clean. Would highly recommend. 10/10

Carrol Walton

Had a mold issue in a seniors suite, NYC Water Removal response time and completion were incredible. I would definitely recommend this company to any one having issues and needs a reliable source.

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