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Storm Damage Cleanup

Weather disasters are a common occurrence in the USA and many people have big issues after a storm or a tornado. Storms are particularly nasty, because they can leave flooded basements afterwards, or cause a large amount of standing water on the property. 

Because of this, storm damage cleanup is something many storm restoration companies offer as a part of their package, and since many people don’t have proper expertise to deal with storm damage restoration, they hire these companies to do the professional job for them.

In this article we’ll talk more about storms, what issues they can cause, and how storm restoration companies can help you out with those problems.

What is Storm Damage Repair?

Storm damage repair is essentially a job that has to be done after the storm caused problems to your household. You might be wondering what exactly a storm can do, and the list can be long depending on the situation.

Most common issues are a flooded basement, leaked pipes, vast amounts of standing water or water damaged ceilings. So, if one of these things happened to your household, what can you do before you call storm damage contractors?

What Do I Do After My Home is Severely Damaged from a Storm?

Calling a storm damage cleanup company is mandatory if you want to deal with the issue the storm leaves behind in a proper manner. But, before the professionals arrive, there are several things you can do:

  • Wear rubber equipment and protective eyewear
  • Stay away from powerlines
  • Stay out of standing water
  • Do not leave on your own after dark

What to Do After a Storm Hits?

After the storm takes its toll and the damage has been made, calling one of storm restoration companies such as NYC water removal will help you out to return your household to the condition it was before.

Storm damage cleanup process consists of several steps:

  • Damage inspection
  • Water Removal
  • Disposing of waste
  • Drying and Dehumidifying
  • Cleaning
  • Disinfecting
  • Rebuild and Restore


Who Cleans up After a Storm?

While you can always do a cleanup by yourself, it’s always a better idea to call a professional storm damage restoration company to do the cleanup for you.

What Kind of Damage Do I Look For After a Storm?

The damage a storm can do varies from case to case. You might be looking at flooded basement, or vast amounts of standing water afterwards. In any case, calling one of professional storm restoration companies such as NYC water removal to give their assessment is always a good idea.

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Marlene Rosario

We have water damage and the man was more than professional when he came out. He explained in detail the work that would be required to repair the damaged area. He answered all my questions when it came to the work and what he was doing during the inspection. I would easily recommend him.

Valerie Davis

Quick, efficient and complete. Nice and knowledgeable. Worked with our insurance company. Took care of everything for us that had to do with the water damage portion of our claim. The office staff were great at keeping us informed and the crew was respectful of us and our belongings. Would definitely use them again

Minerva Morris

These people really care about customer service. They’re enthusiastic and well-spoken on the phone and make a very good first impression. Even though ours was not a large job, they took it on promptly and did exactly what they promised in a timely manner. I got more than one quote and this company made a five-star impression from the beginning!

Robert Howard

NYC Water Removal team worked at our home doing water remediation after we sustained damage from a leaky dishwasher. NYC Water Removal was the company we chose after interviewing and getting estimates from four companies. They were exceptional during the stage when we were making a decision. They were responsive and earnest. We hired them on the basis of their service fees being the lowest.

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