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Water Damage Dehumidifiers

Water damage can be hard to treat if you don’t have proper equipment for it. In most cases, people aren’t ready for water damage in their households, so it comes as no surprise that they need to call a professional water damage service to deal with the issue.

And how can they be ready? No one expects water damage to happen, let alone a burst pipe or a flood in the basement. But, being proactive can save you a lot of nerves and money, and above all, it can keep your household in good condition and mold-free.

Because of this, it’s always a good idea to have some knowledge on specific equipment that is used for solving water damage issues, such as a dehumidifier after water leak. Therefore, in this article, dehumidifiers, and all that comes with them, will be the main subject. We will talk more about what they are, how they are used to treat water damage and why you should opt for one if you notice a water leak.

Get Help Drying Out Your Home With NYC Water Removal

Dealing with water damage issues is something you shouldn’t do on your own, especially if we are talking about flooding. In that case, calling a professional water extraction service would be a way to go, and NYC water removal is your best choice.

In a small time frame, our team will be dispatched to your location, and after the initial assessment, provide you with a resolution of the problem that you are facing.

What Are Water Damage Dehumidifiers?

Dehumidifier is a tool that is used for drying out water after a flood or a burst pipe. There are many different types of dehumidifiers such as commercial or professional, but their main usage remains the same – to dry out water damage.

In most cases, for a regular household, dehumidifiers are used for basement water removal and drying out of the premises after the water has been extracted. Although household dehumidifiers do what they are supposed to, sometimes they might need several weeks to dry out your home and are often very loud.

Professional dehumidifiers on the other hand are much stronger and come with a bunch of different functionalities such as water damage restoration that make the job of water drying much easier. These are also called structural drying dehumidifiers since they deal with the root cause of the issue and dry out walls and ceiling that have been affected with water damage.

Should I Use a Water Damage Dehumidifier After Water Damage?

After water removal has taken place, the usual situation is that the premise is left in damp condition. This means that there is no still water (in the basement for example), but the walls, objects and everything else is still damp and might be affected by mold. Not to mention potential bacteria that water leaves behind or structural damage.

In order to battle this, you’ll need to use a dehumidifier that will dry out the premise and remove the moisture from the objects. While household dehumidifiers might seem like a good choice, they are usually weak and can only deal with smaller amounts of water.

If you’re having issues with a flood or a big pipe leak, then you’ll need a professional dehumidifier for flood damage since the household one just won’t cut it. Usually, since you don’t have one at hand, you’ll need to call a professional water extraction service since they are your best bet to resolve the water issue.

How Long Should a Water Damage Dehumidifier Run After a Water Leak?

You may think that a dehumidifier will dry out all the water with a snap of fingers, but reality is different. The damage repair that it needs to do can last for several weeks, and this depends on many factors.

Size of Flood

Depending on the size of the flood, the dehumidifier might need to work for several days, to several weeks. The bigger the flood – the more days will the machine need to extract the water.

Severity of Damage

The damage water does might be small or grand. Depending on it, the dehumidifier might need to be active for longer periods of time to extract all the moisture from the affected objects.

Humidity Level

This one is very simple – the higher the humidity, the longer it will take for water damage dehumidifiers to do their job.

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Our Reviews

Christopher Haar

Very happy with the work today. Had lots of black mold around windows in our condo that we recently moved to, likely from years of moisture/ condensation. Received an accurate estimate. Work was done carefully. All staff were very friendly- right from the time of booking all the way to the work being complete

Brandon Mullen

Mold was discovered on the inside wall of a basement bedroom that was adjoining a bathroom. It turned out that the shower unit in the bathroom had been slowly leaking for years. We contracted NYC Water Removal… to remove all contaminated drywall in the bedroom and to gut the bathroom. Crews were professional, clean, efficient and quiet (as I work from home).

Marcos Holder

We used NYC Water Removal Services for some mold remediation. A team of 2 came out, led by a man(named forgotten). He and his partner were fantastic, let us know what they were doing, let us view the work while they progressed, and left the entire area very clean. Would highly recommend. 10/10

Michael Kroonenberg

I had a couple of separate water incursion issues into the basement of my home. One was a slow leak from the main kitchen sink that caused damage to the ceiling of the basement bedroom below. The other was a small leak through the foundation during heavy rains, resulting from grade issues at the exterior of my house. I obtained a few quotes and from the onset, the crew from NYC Water Removal… was very professional and thorough with his inspection and quote, so I decided to go with NYC Water Removal… and I am very pleased that I did.

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