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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration has always been a problem for many individuals. No one likes to deal with flooded basement, mold or burst pipes. Not only that, but water can leave permanent damage, and when something like that occurs, it can be extremely hard for someone with no expertise to fix it.

If you weren’t proactive and let the water damage take its toll, you might be dealing with a problem that could be hard to overcome. You might be wondering: “How long does it take to dry out water damage”, or “how to fix water damaged wood”, and it’s normal that things like this concern you.

But thankfully, there is a process called water damage restoration, that can help you out immensely. Thanks to it, you won’t lose your belongings for good, and using various water removal techniques, your stuff will be as good as new.

What is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration is a relatively simple process that is in many cases also called water damage repair. Simply put, the aim of this process is to remove water from your home or facility, while at the same time restoring the property to its normal condition. Water damage restoration consists of several different parts:

  • Water remediation
  • Water removal
  • Water extraction
  • Water mitigation
  • Water cleanup
  • Flood cleanup

Depending on the complexity of the problem that you have, a water damage restoration company can incorporate all of these steps in the cleanup, or skip some of them as per requirements. 

Having an expert to do the job is always the best choice, and you should opt for a water damage restoration service that has experience and knows water to its core.

How Can NYC Water Removal Help?

When it comes to damage restoration, time is the key. The more you hesitate to call an expert and the more you waste time asking yourself: “Can water damaged pictures be restored?”, the lesser are the chances of full restoration of your belongings.

This is why you need to act fast. Our water damage restoration services will be even faster, and we will dispatch a team to your location straight away. When they arrive, they will do a thorough inspection of the damage, and provide you with possible solutions in order to save your belongings and maximise the restoration percentage.

Our team is highly skilled in damage restoration activities, and you should rest assured that they will make an assessment and explain the severity of the situation to you in high detail. But, don’t worry – there isn’t an issue that is unsolvable for us.

Water Damage Restoration: Important Safety Concerns

Of course, when water damage occurs, the most important thing is not to panic. Surely you will be the first one to arrive on the “crime scene”, and until professional damage restoration service comes, it’s mandatory that you follow these steps to make our job easier:

  • Shut off all water sources if it is possible and safe to do,
  • Turn off all the electrical devices or cut off electricity completely,
  • Remove as much excess water with mops and buckets (if you are dealing with a flood, wait for professionals to arrive),
  • Use aluminium foil on legs of chairs and tables to try to save them from the water,
  • Move all valuables somewhere safe and dry,
  • Stay away from rooms with wet ceilings as they are dangerous and might fall;


How Long Does It Take to Dry Out Water Damage?

This really depends on the material that is damaged by water, but the general rule is that it takes about 72 hours for the water to dry out.

Can Water Damaged Pictures Be Restored?

Pictures are unique since they are made of paper and, well, water and paper don’t go well together. If the damage is not big, pictures could be restored – but yet again, it all depends from case to case.

What Happens When Water Gets in Your Walls?

When water gets in the walls, it can cause a cascade of different problems. Mold, rotting, electrical hazards, etc. If you think that you have water in your walls, it’s always a good idea to call the experts.

How Do You Fix Water Damaged Wood?

Fixing damaged wood is an art of its own and depending on the type of the wood, the process can be either very complicated or rather simple. If you see water damaged wood, always call professional help.

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Our Reviews

Samara Frami

Due to faulty installation our home suffered significant water damage that was initially incorrectly diagnosed by a certified home inspector. NYC Water Removal correctly identified the cause of the damage and restored our house to better than new condition. They were courteous, prompt, professional, friendly and did an excellent job!.

Tony Rivan

I would give this company more than 5 stars if I could! Discovering a burst hot water pipe in an interior wall was very stressful. After getting an emergency plumber to repair the pipe, I researched and then met with a couple of water restoration companies. It was no contest to choose NYC Water Removal and I’m so happy I did.

Dorothy Jordan

We had a listing coming up and discovered from our pre-listing home inspection report, we found mould in the attic. We were looking at a very tight timeline to schedule this in. NYC Water Removal was very quick to respond, send someone in the day I called to give an estimate, assisted with a price modification, and started and completed the project the next day.

Brent Reese

Life savers! After not hearing back from another company, NYC Water Removal came in and helped out. Quick response and extremely helpful. I was beyond happy with their professionalism and would recommend them to everyone. We had water damage in our walls that needed to be dry. The company came in, quickly assessed the damage and started to work.

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